One year in Guavus

At this point I am really proud to say that I ama¬† Guavuan, the knowledge which I got here, the late nights workings, the brain stroming, the issues, the reasearch and the devlopement¬† everything is memorabale moments in my life. I can say only one word I feel my life here. Thanks for my team […]

Flex : Copy functionality in DataGrid

The following example shows the customize data grid by applying a copy and paste functionality. The idea is very simple but i think its useful, the data copied in clipboard can directly paste in excel and it will pasted in proper columns rather than in a single column, I tested this on Excel 2007. for […]


Mumbai Flex User Group Second Meet: Mumbai Flex User Group second meet is executed in Grey Matter India Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Borivell, Mumbai. Its a memorable day for all of us. We are so thankful to Grey Matter for hosting our meet. lot of fun and knowledge sharing is happened in this meet.We are discussed […]

Hello Friends !

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog, here you can find some of the stuff of my R&D in Flex. If you have any doubts in Flex please post it on, I hope india team of flex can help you a lot. All the best. Keep smiling. Regards, Imtiyaz.m.s